The philosophy of the firm is rooted in the belief that government— At the Federal, state and even the local level — has grown too large and complex.

In its effort to do too much, multiple layers of government now burden citizens, and in particular, land owners, with thousands and thousands of pages of laws and regulations. Regulators use this unprecedented power to impose unreasonable constraints on using one’s own land.

The firm is committed to fight for landowners when the Federal, state or local government has gone too far. Despite having the deck stacked against him or her (in terms of legal rules favoring the government), the landowner still does have options.

Governmental agencies can’t take actions that exceed their authority, but they often try. Governmental agencies can’t impose so much regulation on a piece of property that the landowner can’t develop it at all (at least without paying the owner fair market value for the property), but they often try.

Government agencies can’t use obscure procedural tricks to foreclose a landowners rights, but they often try. With focused legal counsel, lawsuits can be crafted to combat all of these practices.

The firm encourages landowners facing aggressive governmental action seeking to constrain the use of their private property to contact the firm to discuss the options available.